Invitation to a Sacred Medicine Training

Teachings of the Three Fold Flame Mesa

You are invited to a unique and deeply transformative journey into the Medicine way.

All are welcome, seasoned travelers and those newly called!

Beginning in April, we are gathering a circle of wonderful friends to experience and gather our own unique medicine.

you will:

*create your own medicine bundle, your mesa

*experience shamanic journey's and healing

*experience deep ceremony's and activations

*be part of a community of heart centered and committed friends supporting and  celebrating each other

*learn an abundance of tools and practices for higher states of awareness and clear perceiving

* gather and deepen levels of conscious relationship with many  spiritual powers and allies

From those who have travelled this journey:

         "My journey with the medicine sphere was totally unpredictable- I didn't know much about the course except it kept appearing.....   The intimate connection with the group and Andrea's Humble Powerful leadership allowed me to go to places I'd never been. To create a whole new view of life my becoming a mesa carrier through many ceremony's and practices, so many powerful distinctions and practical tools to use any time. I will continue to learn from these teachings on-goingly.....I highly recommend working with Andrea as she really is the REAL Deal...Authentic and open....and has more wisdom to share than she ever could in this lifetime.....In Gratitude...."


        "I would like to speak of the deep connection and honoring of one another that is part of my experience as a mesa carrier. It is such a huge joy and revelation to me to be in this group where we truly witness real personal transformation. The opportunity to be transformed in a loving responsive container came about because of Andrea's own commitment and love for the Medicine.

I really had no clue about what to expect going in, but my one on one sessions with Andrea gave me complete trust that this would be rich, exciting, challenging experience. So dive in....you have nothing to loose (well, except that you really needed to become a full human being and connected with ALL your relations) "           Jane

      "It came alive, the essence of the direction was present in the room. We, the humans were doing our thing, thinking, emoting, bodying and connecting. We were working the direction, i had done this particular direction 4 other times with slight differences, yet this time was essentially the first time. I witnessed the tangible presence of the direction. The medicine came alive. It was as solid and tangible as the person standing beside me. I entered into  new relationship with the directions, moving out of a concept, a thought, an action or practice into a living breathing presence in the moment. I do not always choose to be there but it is always there, it chooses me. Through this practice i have come into my own sovereign being. I can stand alone, strong and centered and move forward into the world uninfluenced by pressures of beliefs and values of the world around me."                Susan

        "My life has been changed, enlivened and deeply transformed for the better by going through the Three Fold Flame Mesa Medicine Wheel with Andrea. I would do it again a hundred times over and am so grateful for all that i've learned, gained, released, awakened, entered into and am continuing with every day! I love it and am so blessed to have found this path!"                Crystal

        "While it was challenging at times, i feel stronger, clearer and more in love with life than before I took the journey. As a mesa carrier, my mesa walks with me; life is easier with the support of allies."        Robin

       "My journey into the medicine wheel was a big homecoming into my self and souls longing of being a Medicine Woman. The journey through the wheel was a renewing and rebirth into a truer form of myself, releasing old habits, patterns and obstacles like the snake sheds its skin to be birthed anew. Now, as a mesa carrier, I am walking my life path in a medicine way that is potent and significant with meaning, purpose, intention, integrity while in connection with Pachamama and all my relations."


         "When i was visiting my family in Ontario for the month of August, there was one night in particular that i got pretty triggered. I went to bed triggered so of course was lying there unable to sleep. I suddenly remembered my mesa and a warm, familiar, calming presence came over me. It was as though my mesa came to me. I got up and held the 3 khuya's i had brought and took them into bed with me.

         I remembered the day we walked from the large group to our sand painting while individuating ourselves. We then consciously moved into our autonomy and i remember being in the woods with my new drum, drumming in my autonomy. Then at my sand painting i sat in my divinity. I was home, in my power and felt it in my body. 

       So i lay there, in my mom's house remembering my individuality, my autonomy and my divinity. It felt like my mesa came to remind me, and once reminded, my body recalled the sensation. I felt so loved by the universe. That's just one example of what i've learned during my studies with you. From the deepest part of my heart. Thank You."                  Karen





Opening the Sphere, Love Wisdom and Will: April 18-21

South Medicine  June 3-6

West Medicine Oct 2-5

North Medicine Jan. 8-11, 2016

East Medicine April 1-4/ 2016

Full Sphere and calling in the Centre July 15-18

     There will be a minimum of 1 circle in between each direction to deepen our journey and share our adventure. Dates will be decided from within the circle by consensus. 

 Investment and commitment:

The investment of your full presence and heart.

The investment of monetary exchange of $444 per weekend (does not include food or accommodation)

The commitment of Becoming your truer real embodied self.

The commitment of a journey of a year and a half, the journey of a lifetime.

For more information or to feel into if this is the right time for you to leap into your becoming, please contact me and i would be so happy to chat with you!




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