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"The inner journey involves a willingness to enter into some very tender territory - to have a guide is a good idea - to have one that is caring, compassionate walks with integrity is invaluable - may I introduce Andrea."
--Rob Mason



"I have gained a great resource: seeing Andrea for healing sessions and wholeheartedly partaking in the ceremonies she leads. She understands things that I had thought no one in this mainstream culture could understand. And she's got tools for teaching, tools for aiding in transforming the energetics that hold old patterns in place. When stuck places come up for me; the repeated patterns, the strong reactions to mundane interactions, I now understand that these are my gifts; though not yet recognizable as such. They need healing, and they have come to the surface, asking to be washed and transformed into their healed state. Andrea helps me with this. And it is joyous, sacred work. I am so grateful."



"Andrea is a dedicated shamanic practitioner, who works within the spiritual realms with clear communication, love and a sense of humor. I have taken classes, attended Despacho and Fire Ceremonies and had sessions with Andrea, all of which have brought me to a greater knowledge in my own relationship with spirit, opportunities to release those aspects no longer serving my highest good and to bring in that which I want to include in my life,  and a broader understanding of myself. Andrea works with high integrity and personal caring within her spiritual community. I would recommend Andrea for healing work and deepening your understanding of honoring the holy through ceremony. She is down to earth and centered in her own being."
--Barb Peterson


"Andrea is a deep listener.
She listens to her heart, to the hearts of the spirits she works, human hearts, plant hearts, animal hearts, the hearts of a the mountains.

Her reference for the spirit world is soul nourishing and restorative. It is this profound reverence for the natural world that makes her a trusted wayshower, confident and creative co-healer.
Andrea's knowledge of ancient ceremonial practises, her down to earth style, her creativity and her sense of humour make working with her easy and fun."
--Mary S.



In 'Energy counselling' sessions with Andrea, I had revelations of understanding occur, when things I had been witnessing for years but not understanding, finally made sense. In 'retrieval' sessions, I received the very thing that I had been deeply longing for all my life, which was truly a most precious gift! In "clearing" sessions, I felt released from patterns so old that they were not of this lifetime. I truly value the work Andrea is offering to this world and recommend her for anyone seeking growth and a deeper understanding of this human/energetic experience."
--Helen T-C



"In desperately needing to understand my awakening and ease into the shift, Andrea has on numerous occasions been invaluable in assisting me in healing, opening and remembering who and what I am. Truly a gifted healer and an essential part of the community, Andrea is an essential teacher with regards to integrating the spiritual leap in which we currently find ourselves. Thank you Andrea for making sense of this path towards enlightenment!
--A.W. -  In this now moment there is perfection! Make it matter!




"I believe Andrea to be capable to support in whatever medium is necessary, whether it is soft or intense energy work, talking sessions, soul retrievals, meridian rebalancing, readings, body talk and the list goes on and on. The space that she creates and holds is unparalleled to what I have ever felt. All my life I was looking for someone like her to work with me, to learn from, to be in the presence of, and when I arrived to Victoria two years ago and starting working with her, I knew I was exactly where I needed to be. I have never met anyone with her depth of knowledge, tools and abilities, who is working daily in a supportive capacity. Someone that you can see every day of the week that is not travelling all over the world but is right here in our own backyard.
When I first started energy sessions with her, I could actually feel the shifting and transformations that were taking place in my body, and that is exactly what I had always been looking for. To be able to feel that the energy body and the work we are doing is real, and that we can go to the source of our problems through this work with her. Not to mention the phenomenal, quantum leap shifts I have felt in all aspects of my life, mental, emotional physical and spiritual. I always leave feeling transformed and enormously better, and that feeling waves out into the days that follow, each time I see her and each wave, magnifies unto each other creating a tidal wave of transformation in my life in all the areas that I have been intensely looking for support in.

Not only does the session itself always support me, but especially after our talking sessions, I leave with invaluable knowledge and tools that continually support me in living more peaceful, spiritual, and most importantly centered and happy, in my every day life. It has been a long step by step healing process in my life, as for many, and I finally feel like I am arriving at a place when I have tools to handle the day to day, and have miraculously grown wings that are enabling me to fly. My life has become so much more magical in the past two years, and I know that my work with Andrea has been a huge part of gifting me with that. I have never felt as I do when I am seeing Andrea, as if I am finally getting to the roots of my ‘problems’ and bringing them to the light of love.
Andrea has said to me that she is in the business to go out of business, so that every client she sees may be empowered to be able to help and heal themselves, and I really feel that she holds strongly to that when I am seeing her. I have recommended her to my friends, my family, strangers that I meet, because when I find something as mystical and grounded, supportive and encouraging, and absolutely exactly what I was looking for and needing, I want to let everyone know about it and share in this healing.

I truly believe Andrea to be capable to support every person in some way that they are needing, with her vast number of tools and abilities. Everyone I have known who has taken the step to see her have been far from disappointed, and have been wondering instead why it took them so long to see her:) She is truly a medicine woman, and I am eternally grateful. Thank you, Andrea and so many Blessings. Aho!"

--Crystal - Victoria



"Today is a special day because I get to say how I feel about Andrea's special gifts and how committed she is to her work. I have been a regular partisapated in Andrea's many ceremonies and have had space clearings on my homes over the last three years. Last week was my first time in Andrea's healing room. I work in the healing arts myself and have been working with maltable illnesses for 30 years. To help me through I worked closely with wholistic Doctors and wellness profestonals the best of the best in Victoria. I have not met a Practisoner more respectful than Andrea. She honours you, community, spirit, mother earth, elementals and more.

 Her ceremonies are beautiful and up lifting. She is a great great teacher and shares her knowledge with care and respect. She always imspirers me and I feel so grateful that she is in our community so we can do our spiritual work in a very special way. I always feel blessed to be involved. Thank you Andrea for sharing your gifts with me."
--Love and gold and silver light, Cynthya




"Dear Andréa – I am so excited to hear that you are developing a new website as your many gifts, brought to maturity through the teachings of your Blackfoot and Quero teachers, are not visible except to those who have had the great privilege of working with you. We are so fortunate to have a Medicine Woman with your years of experience in our community. Let me try to express my gratitude so that others may have access to your willingness to serve and to your deep wisdom.

Firstly, I have appreciated your leadership in sacred ceremony, honouring Great Spirit, our dear planet with all of her elements, our star brothers and sisters, our ancestors. Your leadership in ceremony has taught so many to recognize the importance of coming together to celebrate all of creation and to give our prayers for the future of Mother Earth and our children.

The guidance you receive from the masters and teachers shows how well you are loved, respected and trusted with the work and visions that are shaping our new era. If you feel the pull to contribute to a community coming together to help create a new way of living on this beautiful Earth, who is willing to continue hosting us in spite of our past, inquire about joining in some of the special ceremonies that are marking our entrance into a new great cycle of time. Andréa also creates beautiful ceremonies to honour those special times of birth, coming of age, matrimony and saying good bye to our loved ones. She creates sacred ceremony to connect in the deepest way to these special times.

Secondly, I am so grateful for your wonderful experience and knowledge of the plant and animal kingdoms. You helped us in the final stages of creating a beautiful garden space that honours the elements of Air, Water, Fire and Earth. We have never enjoyed the outdoor living space as we have since. I am sure the birds, butterflies, dragonflies and even the deer, who too have their space to share, will agree. The day I was talking to you on the phone with a question and the Raven flew and landed in the middle of the spiral labyrinth, brought laughter from you and the answer to me. Please, please contact Andréa to consult with you on revisiting the use of your garden space. You will be so happy to have access to the flowers, herbs and flow of the living space around you.

And thirdly, (for now), thank you Andréa for your powerful work as a Medicine Woman who can identify that which is blocking our paths to finding the Way, to living in the fullness of who we really are. Again your work as a healer, your programs for those who can go out into the community with a greater ability to help others, your women’s circles, programs to share the deep teachings of the medicine wheel and sand paintings are just a few of the many amazing things that you have offered. Contact Andréa to help unlock the mysteries of where you want to go in your life and her wisdom, healing ability and counselling will take you to a place that you had no idea even existed.

Thank you Andréa for the gift that you are to our community. You have modelled a way of living that is from a place of love, of honouring and reverence. You face own challenges with great courage and determination. Your love of children, nature, music and dance shines through. Your family and friends are so delighted to have you in their lives.        

Yeah Andréa! May many, many more benefit form the assistance that you have to offer."
--With love & gratitude dear friend,Gail Pettinger




"Andrea's work is impeccable.  She shares her experience, compassion and humour in your healing journey as blocked energies are transformed using a variety of tools to manifest your highest good.  I highly recommend her to all my friends and family."
--Mary, Social Worker, Salt Spring Island




“I owe a great deal of gratitude to Andrea for holding the 888 gathering at Goldstream last year.   Although this was my first experience of a spiritual camping weekend, it somehow gave me the power to quit Nicorette gum.  Believe it or not – it was harder than quitting smoking.  During one our ‘circle’ experiences, we placed a token of what is holding us back/addiction (mine was Nicorette gum).  Three days after the weekend, I threw out my gum and never went back.  I could not have done it without the special occurrences of the weekend and Andrea’s special skills.”
Thank you Andrea!
--Deborah Dagg



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