Harmonyscapes is deeply devoted to the joy of life, in service to the Great Medicine, in southern Vancouver island.

for Lovers of the Earth, belonging to nature, you too,are also a sacred medicine in the great creative field.

For healing and moving beyond the healed state to joy, fulfillment and destiny, we stand for.

for Sacred Ceremony, celebration and communion, we sing for.

in service and love and community, we stand together for all.


Please visit our calendar for upcoming community events in Victoria, or contact andrea to ask about the many classes, programs and shamanic coaching and healing opportunities.

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As a Medicine Woman, Ceremonialist, Energy Healing, Spiritual Coach in Victoria BC, Andréa brings a sense of the Sacred into our daily lives.

Rooted in practicality, infused with light hearted fun, with a deep respect and reverence, she practices a brand of eclectic shamanic based medicine connected to a living engaged Universe.

As a highly sensitive and empathetic person trained and focused on the world of living energy, Andréa is able to assist with the movement of energy towards harmonic coherence.

“The search for wholeness should not be sensed as a search at all, for wholeness is our inherent nature and right, we must then surrender within to Allow wholeness back into our every experience and beingness.”

Utilizing ancient energy healing techniques, in concert with ‘newer’ energy modalities, you will feel enlivened and remembered as a being of energy and form. Andréa’s passion and compassion, respect and skills, openness and groundedness will awaken in you the Truth of your healed state. Prepare to feel empowered and inspired with a clearly illuminated pathway.

Harmonyscapes is...

Rooted in reverence for All Life and absolute Trust in the Creator’s Love, I am dedicated to envisioning, holding space for, contributing and creating landscapes of Harmony, within and without.. “On Earth as it is in Heaven”





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