Meet Andréa 

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"I have for as long as i can remember, been an observer and a passionate experiencer of this human journey."

From my earliest times i have sought to understand what warps the rhythms of our relationship dynamics, and what universal energies we can allow in to restore the fluidity and openness in our experiences.

All along my path i have studied many healing modalities, read voraciously, and meditated willingly for guidance. My current toolbox is filled with wonderful containers as passed on from my many teachers and elders who i am most grateful to. 

My most profound teacher has been Pachamama (Mother Earth) herself, and all our relations, as each and every speck of creation holds a light and wisdom and a truth of immense profundity. Thank you Pachamama, thank you!

If i were to describe myself deeply, i would say i am in my quiet solitude a mystic, a deeply contemplative person. In my outward expressions of service, i am in my natural habitat walking the path of medicine woman. My spirit is a dancer, ever seeking the rhythms and melodies of interconnected harmonies within such immense diversity.

I find myself so humbled and grateful to be engaged in these ways, and every time i enter the healing room and prepare for ceremony am filled with passion and adventure for the newness of creations that occur.

For a more historic linear bio:

i spent my youth as the daughter of an amazing visionary and integrous leader. I learned much including that i had my own natural curiosity around leadership, as well as experienced first hand the true consequences of being a 'public figure' (which led to internal vows of anonymity)

I followed my passions and became a professional dancer, dancing 40 hours a week and touring, traveling and performing. i was brave in my passion, embarking with no garaunty's only a compelling yearning that simply had to be followed. As a dancer, learning healing tools were essential and began the trainings and search. The experience of community, a temporary family while  traveling and working in close quarters with a small dance troupe. (and i always felt like someone else's paint brush, a vehicle for another's creative vision, and soon had to 'retire' to find my own creative path)

I moved 'back-stage' and became a stage manager, where i was able to recognize and use my natural abilities to hold focus inside complex dynamics of moving parts in service to a vision which was often a collaborative vision of many artists. (looking back this work is such an integral development of my abilities holding sacred space inside Ceremony and workshops)

i worked too long hours and burnt out, and moved through the process of unwinding, peeling, restoring, and deep listening. 

off to college and horticulture school (where i had to rewire belief's about my 'smartness' and empowered myself as an adult learner to steward my own journey inside the program)

wholesale nurseries and management positions came next. (i love and am at home managing teams, again, but mostly the deep process of 'hearing' the deeper things going on in the natural world, the training from the earth was palpable and building!)

have a baby (HUGE, such a journey of growth and such a blessings)

landscaping comes next (working with individual's relationship to their garden and the natural word, assisting in visioning, implementation, and right relationship and supportive environment, all training for the medicine)


Healing and Shamanic Trainings include:

• Touch For Health; One Brain; Edu-K; Hypertonics; EFT Emotional Freedom Technique

• The Inca Sacred Feminine with Lisa Summerlot

• Inca Medicine Wheel, 2 year Training with Lois Ross and Diane Rizun

• Advanced Divination with Wake Wheeler with the Four Winds Society

• Illumination and Extraction with Lynn Berryhill with the Four Winds Society

• Walking with Protection with Linda Fitch, with the Four Winds Society

• Rainbow Jaguar: with Jose Luis Herrara, 2 year + 1 year advanced Healing

• Trackers of Light Teachings with Valerie Owen and Valorie Lordi

• Blackfoot Medicine Bundle with Marv and Shannon Harwood

• Foundation for Shamanic Studies - Basic and Extraction Process with Leslie Conton, PhD

• Assistant to Lois Ross, teacher, Inca Medicine Wheel

• Teachings of the White Drum mesa with Valorie Lordi and Valerie Owen, Sorrento, BC

....opening to my next elder and training experience......always growing....




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