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We all have a longing inside of us

This is a Sacred Longing

When we take this sacred longing and search inward, we embark on the path of full-fill-meant. 

We must undo, unravel, cut and release all the limitations, fears, and living energies of past pains and all the ‘spells’ we have cast on ourselves and inherited (clearing).

We must reach out and gather ourselves, our love, our light our dreams, our truth (retrieval) 

We re-set our bodies and structures so we are no longer in re-run mode and reset for the inherent perfection of our system as we knew ourselves to be as babies (balancing). 

We re-frame our experiences to change our thinking patterns and learn to shift and move our perceptions (coaching).

Then, we find our authentic, purpose-full, joy-full, expressing, loving, peace-full, enthusiastic, capable, wise, courageous, wonder-full True self, and the longing becomes an internal sense of BElonging. 

                     We are compassionate, bold, enthusiastic, and inspired participants in Creation and we are Joy-full!!!

We are the authentic purpose-driven selves we were longing for, and we are expressing our unique selves as an offering of sharing to all of the ‘others’ we know and now have eyes to see as unique and Divine.

We have become harmony from within and then we may go out and play in the world and become the harmony of a New Collective Creation.

We transcend the limitations of our past so we may embody the unlimited expression or our truth as seen through the loving eyes of our Creator!

We are the Union of a thriving autonomy and fulfilling communion.  

Longing is the impulse to Belonging, and it begins within.

We are the YES of Life!


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About Andréa’s Healing Philosophy

Firstly, healing is a state of well-being, wholeness, emotional freedom, vibrancy, inner union, harmony, and spiritual joy, ALL of which is encoded in all of Creator’s Creations.

This is a core paradigm lighting up the pathways through hope and trust and surrender into the potential of miracles of all sizes.

Secondly, i am not your healer,
YOU are your HEALER.

You are part of a system of wholeness, of dynamic moving energy.

In a sense it does not matter where in that system we move energy for the whole system is always affected, and yet for our linearity it can be orientating to proceed in a manner that makes sense. The core underneath all work is the impact on the wholeness.

I do not send you any energy. We create a Sacred Space within a community of helping spirits where you can drink directly from the pure source energies of Love, healing, and grace, where the pathways to your healed state exist for you to claim. Within Sacred Space you may receive directly from the fields of Grace, Perfection, Fulfillment, and the Healed State.

I am available and of service to you and all of the sacred energies within the sphere of sacred space. My personal job is to be aligned with my high heart, fully available to you and the helping spirit’s, and in honouring and acknowledgement through Love and appreciation, attend to the container of sacred space, within which you can create your own personal magic!

My human self is fully surrendered within spirit and willing to ‘envision’ you in your healed state and always trust in the possibility of miracles!

I will support you to create your own magic and miracles in your journey to your healed state, which is already encoded within you!

It is always a great blessing for me to be included in part of your journey, and a deep honour to stand in service to your sacred enfoldment and growth!

“We will not rest until we are breathing JOY in every in breath and out breath, and life becomes a Divine and delightful mystery and celebration immersed in a field of Love and Grace. Let us dance together in this magnificent unfolding paradise.”





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