A gathering in circle with all that is divine and sacred, to honour, acknowledge, give thanks, and pray from our deepest selves through our hearts.

BE in the Oneness of Connectivity!

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Coupling Ceremony, Birth and Death Ceremonies, more to come...

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Ceremony activates our Core Truth, our Divine I AM presence and invites us into embodied joyfull interchange with all Spirits!!

Deeply nourished and participatory, we experience Wholeness in living embodied prayer!!

We give, intend, and receive within such an expanded domain, that truly the Mystery lives in us!!

Ceremony is a domain of wholeness, outside of time and space, and truly cannot be spoken or written of with any sense of the Power through the Mysteries that are present.  Experience is the only way to understanding!!

Ceremony is encoded in our luminous blueprint as a potent space for dialogue and communion with the fullness of the sphere of Spirit. It is a platform for creation, a place to fully embrace home and remembering ourselves and our belonging, a magical opportunity to offer potent communication to the Spirits dwelling in other realms!!!

I offer regular Fire Ceremonies for the Full Moon, and deep Ceremonies of gratitude and Love, the Despacho Ceremony, on the minimum of the Equinox and Solstice. I have also been deeply graced with the creation of a New Ceremony from my luminous teachers, the Three Fold Flame Ceremony, which i offer when the Spirit’s call, at least once a year!!

To receive a calling to facilitate Ceremony is most definitely a calling, and brings with it many tests and initiations. I know deep in my Soul, that i agreed to this calling and i continue to say yes and answer the call. To facilitate Ceremony is to be in service to the Spirit of the Ceremony, and all (multi-dimensionally) who join!

The service of Ceremony is a profound honour, a demanding path, and an extraordinarily joyful place of Luminous dialogue and communion!!! I am deeply humbled and honoured to participate in the co-creations of Ceremony!!!

“Andrea is a dedicated shamanic practitioner, who works within the spiritual realms with clear communication, love and a sense of humor.

I have taken classes, attended Despacho and Fire Ceremonies and had sessions with Andrea - all of which have brought me to a greater knowledge in my own relationship with spirit, opportunities to release those aspects no longer serving my highest good and to bring in that which I want to include in my life,  and a broader understanding of myself.

Andrea works with high integrity and personal caring within her spiritual community. I would recommend Andrea for healing work and deepening your understanding of honoring the holy through ceremony. She is down to earth and centered in her own being.”

--Barb Peterson




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