About Shamanism

What exactly does 'shamanic healing' mean?

There are three main ingredients to a shamanic orientation.

First is the Capacity of Convocation, opening and holding sacred space.

Secondly is the engagement with the world as living dynamic energy.

Third is the capacity to move their consciousness into ‘other realms’ besides this plane.

The Capacity of convocation is created by someone who has a deep and ongoing relationship with the world of energy and the beings and helping spirits in the ‘invisable’ realms.

A shamanic practioner will be as committed to these relationships as they are to their relationships with their friends and family here in form. Once we have cultivated relationships, these helping spirit’s become available to engage with us and our sacred endeavors, for example in assisting in healing and Ceremonies. This is what is meant by opening sacred space, a very real and powerful place, not taken for granted or just playing at, but a tangable dialogue and relationship.

The world as energy is real and realized from all levels of our being. This is not a conceptual stance, but an experiential reality at all times. In these times of our collective growth, what is happening in essence is that the collective is remembering themselves and the world as energy.

There are many science and scientific approaches now ‘proving’ this. Some peoples and traditions never abandoned this truth, for example the acceptance of Chinese medicine and the flow of chi is now more widely recieved in our western world. There is an insurgance of ‘new’ forms of ‘energy healing’, many of which draw from shamanic trainings and truths. The shamanic traditions have practiced energy healing all along.

The movement of consciousness and deliberate shifts of perception is another attribute of a shamanic stance. This is advanced work and not for everybody. This path is not for the feint of heart, to quote many of my teachers.

It takes much dedication, constant attention to the personal from a deep level of brutal honesty, the availability of maps and orientation through trainings passed down through lineages who have held these maps, and an ongoing willingness to throw out the map, and become an explorer.

The shamanic practioner never journeys for frivolous fun or for personal gain, unless connected to healing and growth meant ultimately to then become more capable of serving.

These pathways are created and attended to with great heart, courage, humility and effort. Although we can fool ourselves, we can never fool the spirit’s. To truly walk in this way is an intense path and not meant for everyone. However, everyone can benefit and be helped by engaging on some level.

I myself have allways held this stance, although i did not find any teachers here until a decade ago. I am a work in process and would not dream of calling myself a shaman at this stage in my development, but for you i will declare that i most assuredly work with shamanic energies.

It is very important that you find someone who you trust in and hold in integrity, for this is powerful and beautiful work, meant to inspire and grow us! There is a magnificent, loving feild right here right now, of which we are all a part of.

I hope you will contact me if you would like more information or to get a deeper sense.

I also encourage you to come, and bring a friend if you like, to some group events, circles or ceremonies first, if you would like to taste the energies. Something so natural and real which has been practiced by peoples all over this earth for more than 15,000 years, still has much to offer us, right here and right now.

With Gratitude for all the ‘energy healers’ throughout time and the intrepid explorers of consiousness, who have paved pathways for us with deep love courage and humility, you are deeply honoured!

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